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Caregiver Pit Stops-Refuel/Refresh

Although long term caregiving creates a comparison to a marathon, I find it is more like an Indianapolis road race. Except..... there is NO established distance and finish line. Caregiver Pit Stops- Refuel/Refresh suggests ways to stay on course with scheduled breaks....

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Caregiver triangle tangle-love,exhaustion,dread

Caregiver triangle tangle bounces us between love, exhaustion and dread.  Love fuels the tasks. Long term caregiving exhaustion wraps around even the most determined caregiver. And dread of an inevitable outcome creeps into our projected thoughts. As long term...

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Long term elderly parent caregiver lessons learned

Long term elderly parent caregiver lessons learned I have served as a caregiver for my elderly parents for the past thirteen years. And...continue to do so. As a result, there have been valuable long term elderly parent caregiver lessons learned. My story echoes many...

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Elderly parent caregiving – adult sibling squabbles

Elderly parent caregiving - adult sibling squabbles Elderly parent caregiving - adult sibling squabbles are defined in one word- disproportionate. Although it is rarely intentional, most adult children providing primary elderly parent support feel the burn of unequal...

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Long term elderly parent caregiving emotional costs

Long term elderly parent caregiving emotional costs "We don't choose elder care. Eldercare chooses us." This quote from Joy Loverde is nearly universally accurate. As a result, long term elderly parent caregiving emotional costs begin early.  The meter is running...

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Elderly parent caregiver depression

Elderly parent caregiver depression Elderly parent caregiver depression is tough to admit. Although a very common occurrence, most caregivers are reluctant to "own" their depression. Almost all elderly parent caregivers experience some level of depression. After all,...

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Adult Kids Moving Back Home


Caregiving Elderly Family Members

a young happy woman huggs an older happy elderly women

Parenting Kids in Residential Therapeutic Treatment

parenting kids

Relevance During Retirement


Disappointment and Expectations

Disappointment And Expectations

Transitioning Through Change

Transitiong Through Change

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