Tough times challenge us all. They startle us, knock the wind out of us, take us to our knees or weaken our strongest resolve. Tough times do not play favorites. They find the kindest of us, the wealthiest of us, the least and most deserving of us. Caregiver 3 R’s-Managing Tough Times opens the door to softening the situation.

Caregiver 3 R’s- Managing Tough Times

As the saying suggests, it is not the tough situation that determines the outcome but the how of handling it that matters. We never choose the unexpected, the situations that drain us or the tragedies that life flings our way. We do get to choose how to manage the situation and ourselves.

Caregiver 3 R’s – Managing Tough Times identifies Remember ,Release and Resilient as coping pillars. Remember, Release and Resilient – applied during tough times, give us a grounding source to which we can anchor ourselves. And while we are anchored, we can plan our smoothest route to relief.

Remember yourself at your best, your strongest and your most centered self. There have been times in your life when you had your life in flow. When your life was smooth sailing, happy ,fulfilled and sunny.  Regardless of how long you remember this period of grace to be, you have had the experience. Remember it as it existed. Know that this condition is available to you again.Know this even as your life seems to be anything but AOK.

Caregiver Release, Resilience

Release the thoughts that exaggerate your situation. When we are struggling, we amplify thoughts, conditions and behaviors that underline and support our current struggles. We review, rehash and embrace what is making us most miserable. Also,we replay the hurt, the offense, the embarrassment and the pain. We project the  bleak future that we imagine this struggle will produce. 

To effectively release and reassign those defeating thought replays, we must recognize them as soon as they present themselves.  Tag them, title them and trash them for what they are. 

In addition,push “play” on your Resiliency.  Recall times in your life when your personal resiliency gave you the buoyancy to float to the top of tough times. You were knocked down by what life dealt you, floundered around and yet got back up. Your recalled resiliency might have nothing to do with your current condition. It might seem minor or petty compared to what you have in front of you now. 

3 R Review  includes reference to  skills, tips and caregiver boosts. This site endorses the importance of maintaining each of these Caregiver 3 R’s.

What matters is that you ARE resilient. You have many examples from your life when you were. Resiliency doesn’t go away. It is always available to you.  But… must be chosen,awakened and employed.  Resiliency doesn’t have to be a “boot straps” approach. It can be a gentle, baby steps knowing that you have the power, the desire and the will to proceed and prevail through even the darkest of struggles.

The 3 R’s of coping with tough times are immediately available upon request. But….. they do require that we chose to use them.

You are tough enough, strong enough and smart enough to navigate your tough times.  And tough times are temporary. 

I can assist you in re-discovering yourself and applying your 3 R’s.



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