Disclaimer and Waiver

Disclaimer and Waiver

All coaching and consulting delivered by JulieGreencoaching and Gracefulgrit LLC., is meant to assist me in identifying areas of my life that I want to change.

I understand that Julie Green is not a licensed therapist or counselor and that I am responsible for all my decisions, actions, and feelings during our sessions. This service is not professional mental health or medical care. In the event I feel that significant psychological stress is interfering with my ability to function, I am asked to seek help of a professional mental health worker or therapist.

Coaching is a supplement to, not a replacement for, professional therapy or counseling.

By purchasing coaching and/or consulting, I confirm that I have read and agree to each statement and that I agree to proceed:

I understand that the coaching/consulting services I receive from juliegreencoaching/Gracefulgrit are not to be considered a substitute for professional mental or physical health. I will not be diagnosed or treated for such conditions as Julie Green is not acting as a mental or medical health professional.

  • I acknowledge and understand that I am completely responsible for my decisions, actions, and well-being during coaching/consulting sessions.
  • I understand that all suggestions, ideas, and comments provided by Julie Green, during our sessions, are intended to support and guide me to meeting my goals.
  • I acknowledge and agree that any personal information collected, electronically or otherwise, will be held as confidential. Exceptions would include a threat of self- harm, elder abuse, child abuse or threat of harm to another.
  • I understand that the use of technology is not 100% secure. I accept the risk of using phone, email, text or other available technologies.
  • I waive, release and forever discharge my coach/consultant from every claim, suit action,demand or right for compensation for damages I may claim to have or may have acting out of acts of omissions or acts by myself or my coach as a result of the advice given by my coach or otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship. I declare that I have not been promised anything or induced into signing this agreement.
  • I agree to pay my monthly coaching fees on time.

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