Transitioning Through Change

Transitiong Through ChangeChange is inevitable. Change can find us, be done to us or be chosen by us.

Knowing that change takes us away from the familiar and into foreign territory begins the process of transition.

Dr. Dave Krueger pens a succinct distinction between change, the event and transition, the process. When a change happens we often find ourselves experiencing reactions or feelings, not unlike those of grief.

Whether we chose the change or the change chose us, it usually awakens elements of fear, denial or loss of confidence. Even a desirable change reflects that things will now be different.

To move from acknowledgment of change to the process of transition requires a shift. This shift begins internally.

It involves a realization that we need to re-write our sense of self in this new reality. Our self, as Dr, Krueger explains, is also defined as our identity- the who we believe ourselves to be. Often, our identity is developed and portrayed through the circumstances that surround it.

When the circumstance or environment is changed, the who we have projected may no longer be the who we need.

To navigate change and step into transition requires a look back at the past, an accurate and honest appraisal of the present and a bold look at the intended future.

The past can remind us of changes we have experienced and how we handled them. How did those past changes impact us, how did we cope, what did we learn?

Even past mistakes lead us to recognize pitfalls to avoid during the current transition. Transition as a process is time sensitive, with a start and end point.

It is during the transition that we reframe our story, our perspective and our path to a freshly crafted future. In having a new story, we can have a new future.

How helpful would it be to have a collaborator during your transition? I can help you begin the process to a new and positive ending.

Please contact me for a complimentary session on how to put your change into proactive transition.

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Julie Green

- 35 Years as an Educator and Administrator of an Alternative High School and Juvenile Detention Center.
- 5 Years as Director of Education in a residential, therapeutic treatment center for young adults unable to function successfully in society.
- 14 Years (and current active involvement) as primary caregiver for my own parents .
- 9 Years as Facilitator for local retiement adjustment group
- Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.)
- Three Master's Degrees (M. Eds) in Learning Remediation, Vocational Education and Administration.
- Certified Family Transitions Coach (Certified Through Coach Training Alliance)
- Active member of International Coach Federation.
- Lifelong learner and practitioner of gracefully applying grit to life's challenging transitions.


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