Introducing Gracefulgrit

One to one coaching and consulting for caregivers seeking support during this challenging journey.

You’ll learn the critical importance of looking after your loved one’s most critical asset- YOU! I’ll assist you with establishing boundaries with those “who don’t get it” ( and judge you anyway!) as well as those “delinquent” family members who just haven’t stepped up to help.

And I’ll teach you to hold yourself accountable for providing quality care for both your loved one AND yourself! HI- I’m Julie, founder of Gracefulgrit Caregiving Coaching and Consulting.

I created Gracefulgrit Caregiving for overstretched caregivers like you who recognize successful caregiving requires discovering how to align your loved one’s needs with a healthy life of your own.

As a solo caregiver for my elderly parents, I recognize that to provide ongoing compassionate care it is critical that to establish and maintain nonnegotiable healthy habits for myself.

I know that to be my best self, I need to consistently give myself care every single day. At the core of Gracefulgrit is a sincere desire to provide you with tools, information, and confidence to favorably navigate this caregiving journey.

I know that you may feel your loved one’s needs have to come first now. You may even be consistently compromising your well being for their sake.

But here’s the thing:

In your role as caregiver, the line between the demands of caregiving and the interrupted flow of your own life have become inextricably linked.

As such, the simplest way to untangle your loved one’s care from the fabric of your life is to establish non-negotiable priorities for your life.

In contrast to other coaching and consulting available, Gracefulgrit is a one to one mentorship designed specifically to address the unique challenges you face as a caregiver.

You will not waste time or frustration explaining to me what it means to be a caregiver because I already get it! I am one myself and have fifteen years of current hands-on experience…

By the time our work together is done, you’ll recognize and initiate steps to continually invest in YOUR well being as a caregiver.

I’ve designed Gracefulgrit so you can access the one to one support. guidance, information, and accountability you need as a caregiver.

With Gracefulgrit support, you will no longer be alone, confused or clueless about the caregiving process. And you won’t need to blindly navigate the caregiving obstacles.

To guarantee the high touch support you need to transform your caregiving experience I only work with a limited number of clients at one time.

Each situation is unique and each client deserves customized attention. How much longer can you juggle all the balls of caregiving without a serious “drop”?

Which ball will drop and shatter first? And… what if one of those balls is your health, your primary relationships and your happiness?

The caregiving process is a long haul journey. How much longer can you afford to do the heavy lifting, worry and care without skilled support?

As the client, if at any time you feel this service is no longer of value, the fees for any remaining sessions will be refunded.

GRACEFULGRIT will be great for you if:

  • You want to provide compassionate and reasonable caregiving while maintaining control over your own life.
  • You want to transform your current habits of worry, stress and overwhelm into more confidence and ease.
  • You are feeling burned out( or close to it!), unappreciated, overwhelmed and are willing to CHANGE how you operate.

GRACEFULGRIT is probably not for you if:

  • You are reluctant to committed to improvement as a caregiver.
  • You are resigned to this role. Although it is uncomfortable , you are familiar with how it drains you.
  • You are unwilling to invest in yourself.

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