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Elderly parent caregiving – adult sibling squabbles

Elderly parent caregiving - adult sibling squabbles Elderly parent caregiving - adult sibling squabbles are defined in one word- disproportionate. Although it is rarely intentional, most adult children providing primary elderly parent support feel the burn of unequal...

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Long term elderly parent caregiving emotional costs

Long term elderly parent caregiving emotional costs "We don't choose elder care. Eldercare chooses us." This quote from Joy Loverde is nearly universally accurate. As a result, long term elderly parent caregiving emotional costs begin early.  The meter is running...

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Elderly parent caregiver depression

Elderly parent caregiver depression Elderly parent caregiver depression is tough to admit. Although a very common occurrence, most caregivers are reluctant to "own" their depression. Almost all elderly parent caregivers experience some level of depression. After all,...

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Sandwich struggles- elderly parents,caregivers,kids

Sandwich struggles- elderly parents, caregivers, kids Sandwich struggles- elderly parents,caregivers,kids focuses on the key word struggle. Coined in 1981, the sandwich generation describes those people managing elderly parent, child and job responsibilities. All at...

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Tough Talk- Elderly Parent Drivers

Tough talk- elderly parent driver safety Tough talk- elderly parent driver safety addresses the uncomfortable conversation about your parent's driving ability. OR....lack of ability. We have a universal awareness of elderly people losing their driving privileges.Due...

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Elderly parent healthcare systems

A recent article in The Lewiston Tribune (http://lmtribune.com) by John Drescher, cited his elderly parent healthcare systems experiences. Role reversal in elderly parent caregiving is one of the first adjustments of this journey. Consequently, although you are still...

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Conquering Caregiver Martyr Complex

Overdo.Complain.Repeat. This is trending with caregivers. It is our caregiving mantra. Our script. And often....our badge as a martyr. According to an article by Ingela Rutledge in http://Realsimple.com, caregivers easily become victims before conquering caregiver...

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Gracefulgrit Elderly Parent Caregiver Coaching

Ah,the NEW year! With all the focus of resolutions and new beginnings, I am declaring my own new direction. "Hi, I'm Julie of Gracefulgrit Coaching and I am a consultant and coach for elderly parent caregivers wanting guidance and support while navigating the...

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Essential caregiver qualities – Grit / Grace

Essential caregiver characteristics- Grit / Grace Caregiving activates numerous caregiver characteristics. Notably, the essential caregiver characteristics-Grit /Grace light the way to a richer experience. Identify the most prominent caregiving characteristics you...

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Caregiver Saturation Solutions

Caregiver Saturation Solutions Caregiver saturation echoes Eleanor Roosevelt's saying, " I have had enough." Caregivers rarely repeat this saying out loud.  But,,,,we feel it. Furthermore...we live it.  Caregiver saturation happens gradually. Over time.  And...it...

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Adult Kids Moving Back Home


Caregiving Elderly Family Members

a young happy woman huggs an older happy elderly women

Parenting Kids in Residential Therapeutic Treatment

parenting kids

Relevance During Retirement


Disappointment and Expectations

Disappointment And Expectations

Transitioning Through Change

Transitiong Through Change

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training AllianceLife Coach Training and Certification for Life Coaching

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